Tuesday 23 October 2007

After game

I'm still a fan of 7 Ages. I recently played a 6 player game.

Although I ended up playing Carthage, Rome, and part of Hellenic Greece. I also played some dynasties in China. The Chinese were eating up actions that could have helped Carthage sack Rome. And Rome was in the lead for points, but I got a card which enabled me to take control of Rome. I dropped the Macedonians (which weren't doing anything) and took Rome.

Rome just sat around earning me victory points while I tried to make Carthage and my Chinese valuable. Unfortunately, playing both Carthage and Rome isn't a good way to earn points. And Hellenic Greeks were earning tons of points. So I dropped Carthage to play a civil war on the Greeks, taking half of their stuff.

There is less immersion in 7 Ages. There are "
gamey" elements which prevent it. Why couldn't Carthage sack Rome because the Tang dynasty was having problems? Still, 7 Ages does immerse you in the flow of history. Seeing kingdoms rise and fall in a way that no other game does.